Who i am

Frankie Diez

Hi, I'm Frankie! In elementary school, I dreamed of being an actor and seeing myself on television. At the same time, I took piano lessons for about five years.  Eventually, high school came along and I realized I hated acting. But, in the meantime, I had been writing all sorts of different things. (Poetry, Short Stories, etc.) One of those things was a full length movie script that I wrote when I was 9, after spending 3 months in LA (in the middle of the writer's strike.) So long story short, I began leaning towards writing and music and by 9th grade, I wrote a full length play, based on the music of one of my favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac, titled The Chain. (Kind of like Mamma Mia) Around that time, I also began writing songs of my own, which evolved to where I am now...

I currently write songs every day, whether I'm at my keyboard or at the local grocery store. I have recently taken interest in music production and have begun producing my own music as well as collaborating with others. All of this new music is filtered into a new project, appropriately named Absynth, where I experiment with new electronic pop/rock sounds. 

Over the years, I've written poetry and several short stories, which you can check out on the following pages! 

I hope you all enjoy the work that I've collected and continue to collect over the years!

All photos by Candice Bermudez

Short stories

Some short stories that I've written

Music as "Frankie"

Loving You (2016)

Loving You was my first ever album as a Singer/Songwriter. Originally finished as an 18-track album, I cut it down to 11, since I wanted it to be as accessible and easy to listen to as possible, particularly because it was my first. 



Casual - EP

Similar to Loving You, Casual - EP  was originally a set of 16 different tracks that I reduced to 6. I wanted people to hear the sound that I was producing in a set of just 6 songs, each a different genre.